Yondan, Fukushidoin

jasonbioJason began his Aikido practice in 1997 when he moved to Burlington, Vermont. He has studied with Benjamin Pincus Sensei since Aikido of Champlain Valley opened its doors. Jason also studies Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido in which he currently holds the rank 2nd dan.

In addition to his Aikido practice, Jason teaches college physics, plays music in local bands, and spends time with his family. His daughter, Eva also practices Aikido at ACV.

“When I first moved to Burlington I wanted to continue my training in Jiujitsu. I thought of Aikido as a very gentle art that I might like to practice when I got much older. After I began training with Pincus Sensei I realized that Aikido training could be very intense. Aikido has some very basic principles, which are often very difficult to put into practice. This challenge is part of what I love about Aikido. One small insight can lead to a greater understanding of one’s entire practice. I find that Aikido weapons training is essential in improving one’s empty hands practice as it enables one to feel the relative strengths and weaknesses of body positions and movements. When I teach Aikido, I try to incorporate some fundamentals of weapons training in basic body movements.”