We frequently host guest instructors to teach day- and weekend-long Aikido seminars. The goal of seminars is to expand the scope and breadth of a student’s practice by inviting senior instructors from around the world.

Aikido is not an isolated practice, and by attending seminars a student can gain fresh perspective and inspiration to deepen their understanding. We have invited direct students (uchi deshi) of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba including Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei and Kazuo Chiba Sensei.

Every summer we hold an intensive weapons retreat at Cloud Mountain Aikido in Roxbury, Vermont.

We also schedule sesshin (intensive zazen retreats), Diversity training, and Conflict Resolution workshops.

Upcoming Events for 2023

Tuesday, September 5th: Youth Classes begin at 4:30pm: Prospective youth and parents are welcome to watch a class or try out a free class! Youth classes meet on Thursdays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am.

Basic Adult Classes begin at 6:00pm. Focused teens welcome. Please watch a class before joining, ideally on Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm, or Saturday at 10:45am

Friday, September 8th: Free Workshop/Demonstration for Adults and Teens at 6pm!  An introduction to the movements and philosophy of this dynamic martial art. Please pre-register on our homepage.

Saturday, September 9th: Free Workshop for Youth (ages 7-12) and families at 9:45am. Please pre-register on our homepage.

Burlington Farmer’s Market Youth Aikido Booth from 9am-1pm. Visit our booth at the market during Kids Hop and receive discounts on our programs for adults, youth and families!

Sunday, September 10th at 10:30: ACV will participate in the Burlington Pride Parade in support of our GLBTQ+ community!