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Adult Introductory Series – 3 Month Special Rate

Aikido of Champlain Valley currently offers a special introductory rate of $230 for three months of unlimited training. (Payment must be made through electronic fund transfer; price does not include cost of uniform.)

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Prospective adults should watch a class before joining (preferably Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday classes). Adult and teenager membership rates includes unlimited classes, five days a week. Youth ages 7-12 can attend all of the youth classes, which meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.



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Introductory classes are oriented specifically towards new students. In these classes, students learn basic Aikido movements (tai sabaki), the art of falling (ukemi) and techniques (waza).

In addition, we emphasize conditioning to build stamina, flexibility and core power, and relaxation training to increase soft power, efficiency and well-being.  Some find it intimidating to join a dojo; the introductory classes are designed to support people with little or no experience in Aikido or other martial arts. We also encourage students with prior Aikido training to take these classes in order to learn our basic techniques and unique methods of ukemi.

Introductory classes  meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00pm. If you cannot attend these classes, you are welcome to attend classes at other times. For the first month, you will work privately with senior students until you feel comfortable with basic Aikido skills. New students are also encouraged to attend free practice periods when they can ask for additional help from senior students.