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Address:  257 Pine Street | Burlington Vermont 05401

Visitors are always welcome to watch any class. New students are encouraged to attend a free class on the first Tuesday of each month.

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Adult Classes

If you’re a beginner, check out our introductory Aikido page.


5:00pm — Open Mat
5:30pm — Adult Basic Weapons (J. Pepe)
6:15-7:15pm — Adult All Levels (J. Pepe)


5:00pm — Open Mat
6:15-7:15pm — Adult Basics (B. Pincus)

7:30-8:30om- Adult All Levels (B.Pincus)


12:00-1:00pm — Adult Basics (M. Lefkowitz, T. Osler)
5:00pm — Open Mat
6:15-7:15pm — Adult All Levels (J. Pepe)


5:00pm — Open Mat
5:30pm — Adult Basic Weapons (B. Pincus)
6:15-7:15pm — Adult Basics (B. Pincus)
7:30-8:30pm- Adult All Levels (B. Pincus)



11:10am-12:00pm — Adult Basic Weapons (B. Pincus/J. Pepe)
12:00-1:00pm — Adult All Levels (B. Pincus/J. Pepe)


9:30am — Open Mat
10:00-11:15am — Adult Basics (A.Perry, C. Farnham, M. Lefkowitz, E. Inoue)

Open Mat: Informal practice supervised by senior students
Basics: Beginners welcome! Emphasis on basic forms, falling, and rolling
All Levels: Faster-paced classes, beginners welcome!
Weapons: Practice the application of Aikido techniques with Japanese boken and jo

Children’s Classes


4:00-5:00pm — Children Ages 7-12 (M. Lefkowitz, G. Franko)


4:00-5:00pm — Children Ages 7-12 (B. Pincus)


9:00-9:50am — Children’s Basics Ages 7-12 (B. Pincus)
10:00-10:50pm — Children’s Intermediate Ages 7-12 (B.Pincus)