Weapons practice is an integral way to develop power and precision in empty hands technique.

One of the most unique aspects of Aikido is that the stance, extension of the arms, and the movements themselves derive directly from sword, staff and spear forms. The open-handed strikes in Aikido resemble the cutting edge of a sword; in a sense, the hand becomes a sword, and the sword or staff becomes an extension of the body. Similarly, when the defender throws or pins the attacker, her movements inscribe lines and circles that evoke the movements of a sword or staff.

Aikido of Champlain Valley offers classes in bokken (wooden sword), jo (staff) and tantotori (knife defense). We also teach the traditional sword art of Iaido.

ACV encourages weapon training after about three months of basic practice. While it is not mandatory, students are inevitably drawn into the practice when they discover the integral relationship between Aikido and weapons.

We also offer an annual out door summer weapons retreat at the Cloud Mountain dojo in Roxbury, Vermont.